The Polar Truth

by Yury Klavdiev

2 males, 2 females if roles are shared; more if not. Various simple interiors. One act.

Several young people in a far northern Russian city have had their lives changed radically by exposure to HIV. Some have been driven out of society by prejudice; others have run from society out of despair, anger and confusion. But life goes on – they continue to experience desire, love, affection, jealousy, anger and hope. As these people explore the new limits and new possibilities of their lives, they begin realizing they are in the process of building a new society, one that has the potential to right many of the mistakes of the old world which has rejected them. An episodic, quick-shifting play that merges dialogues and confessional, inner monologues.

The Polar Truth by Yury Klavdiev.
Translated by John Freedman.
Towson University November 2009.
Photo: Tina Staffieri.