The Schooling of
Bento Bonchev

by Maksym Kurochkin

Bento Bonchev lives some time in the not-too-distant future when all anyone knows about love and sex comes from cutting-edge historical research done at universities. Bento is a grad student of Bulgarian heritage and the star pupil of a world-class American love-and-sex scholar. The problem is that Bento has lost his faith. He rebels against his professor, declares that love and sex were never anything but a myth dreamed up by sick poets, and procedes to sabotage the professor's seminar one week while guest-lecturing. Bento demands empirical proof that love and sex exist and he is not about to be swayed either by a dubious archaeological expedition that returns with videos of ancient tribes that actually "do it," or by a pesky girl named Sandy who rarely leaves his sight and mysteriously gives birth to a baby boy named "Bento" - and six or seven other children.