by Olga Mukhina

4 females, 4 males plus extras. Various interiors. Two acts.

A group of Russia’s so-called “golden youth,” smart, talented, well-heeled thirty-somethings are heading for disaster. Among them are DJs, VJs, PR agents and on-screen presenters for a hot, new, youth-oriented Moscow television production company. These people, with hip-sounding names like Snowstorm, Maniac, Snowflake and Orangina, are creating and living the images that will define the future. None wastes much time thinking about why one of their group is repeatedly battered by her husband or why another constantly takes tranquilizers to maintain her cool, collected image. But when an unsullied teenage girl joins their group one day, they are compelled to look beyond the usual limits of their purview. And when Snowstorm is arrested for possession of drugs and Orangina undergoes a religious experience, the insular nature of their world is quickly breached.