Course Schedule

Note: Course schedule is subject to (and probably will) change.

January 29

> Course overview: Syllabus, semester-long project, midterm exam

> A Brief History of Digital Publishing

> The Internet in 1977; History of the Internet; A preview of the Internet in 1981; The Internet in 1993; Mosaic turns 25; Gopher; Mosaic
> History of HTML
> The state of the art in Web design in the 1990s: Ancient Abandoned websites

> The 2017 Online Journalism Award winners
> Tablets: The 1994 Vision

January 31
DUE: Three ideas for semester project

> What makes content engaging?

> Review of ideas for semester project

> Branding; purchasing your own domain; Planting Your Flag on a Patch of the Web

>The Code of Life

> Static vs. Dynamic websites

> Tech time: Working with Notepad. (Using TextEdit on a Mac? Read this.)

> HTML cheat sheet. HTML syntax; A visit to W3Schools. HTML file-naming conventions. Elements, Tags and Attributes. The DOCTYPE, HTML, HEAD, TITLE, META, BODY, EM, STRONG, P and H elements. Color codes.

> Homework: Watch Introduction and Sections 1-3 of this video.

February 5
DUE: Final Topic and Resource list (all should be printed out; be sure to include URLs for all websites); Post your blog URLs here.

DUE: First blog post due online no later than 11:59 p.m. February 11. Make sure you set the WordPress clock to East Coast time!

> Resource gathering: Setting up Google news alerts; RSS feeds

>The First Rule of Web Club

> Blogging basics: Categories vs. tags, the blog roll, linking, widgets; What a good post looks like; SmittenKitchen; Are Food Blogs Over?; Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post; 8 reasons why you still need to blog; Why Blogs Are Still Important in 2017; Blogging Trends and Predictions for 2017

> Tech time: HTML special characters; The BR, HR, A (HREF, NAME; MAILTO), BLOCKQUOTE, OL/UL and IMG elements; Adding comments to HTML code. Publishing your Web site. Using Filezilla to transfer files to the server. Directory structure

> Lab: Setting up an HTML home page

> Homework: Watch Sections 5-6 of this video.

February 7

DUE: Bring your USB drive with you to class!

> Promoting your content with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email newsletters. The Brian Stelter example. Locking down Facebook.

> Domain names vs. URLs

> Windows CTRL keys:

> Tech time: HTML tables (the TABLE, TR and TD elements); Embedding YouTube videos

> Lab: Updating your HTML home page

February 12

Writing for the Web (More info online.)

Learning to Write for the Web (

> Sample website text creation (group work)

February 14

DUE: Text for final project

> Text review

> Digital Spotlight: Buster & Ellie

> Midterm review

February 19

DUE: Midterm Exam

> Organizing projects: Create your wireframe; Wireframe Showcase

> Tech time: Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pt. 1; CSS Zen Garden; CSS Syntax; How to attach CSS to an HTML document; The HTML DIV and SPAN tags (more here); The Difference Between ID and Class

February 21

Online portfolios: Digital portfolios for journalists: What are your options?

These tools will save, highlight and share your best work

A portfolio should be designed to spark a conversation

Give yourself a social media scan

5 Steps to a Better Personal Brand

Social media recruitment

LinkedIn Boot Camp

The Most Important LinkedIn Page You’ve Never Seen

Creating a successful online portfolio; Building a portfolio in 9 easy steps; Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips

The Online Activity That's Keeping You Unemployed

> Tech time: Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pt. 2: CSS Styling; CSS tutorial; CSS Cheat Sheet; The CSS Box Model; Create a stylesheet to use with your Tiger home page. Fonts, colors, text and links. Acceptable fonts.

> Using Adobe Dreamweaver

> Using the CSS template

February 26

Note: February 26 is the last day to withdraw from 7-week courses with a grade of "W."

DUE: Bring all the photos you want to use on your website, including those for your logo.

> Maps for storytelling

> How User-Generated Crisis Maps Save Lives in Disasters

> 2016 Presidential Election Map

> Map example from The Baltimore Sun: Baltimore Homicides

> Tech time: Working with Photoshop: Resizing and optimizing photos; creating screen grabs. Using Flickr Creative Commons photos. Embedding photos from Getty Images.

February 28

DUE: Portfolio

> Legal issues in digital publishing. Everything Pinterest and Tumblr Users Need To Know About Copyright Law. Legal and liability issues for publishing an online news site. The Associated Press, Shepard Fairey Reach Settlement In Fair Use Lawsuit.

> Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism. Using Storify to curate a topic via social media. A good overview. FAQs. 5 "Rules" for Journalists Using Storify. A good example of using Storify. Another good example of using Storify. How do I change my Storify's cover photo?

Final project benchmarks: Index page created with text placed and at least one sidebar/footer area filled. Updated files saved to Tigerweb.

March 5

> Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 10 Ways Journalists and Newsrooms Can Conquer SEO; A Journalist's Guide to SEO; Image Alt Text Vs. Image Title : What’s the Difference?; The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors; The Journalist's Guide to Analytics; Web Words That Lure the Readers; 4 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Photos for Search Engines

Final project benchmarks: Index page finished (logo replaced, colors updated, photo(s) replaced, all sidebar/footer elements finished). Copies saved for subpages. Updated files saved to Tigerweb.

March 7

The state of the art in digital journalism:

> Trend spotting: the best and worst of ‘Snowfall’ design

>The Book of Tebow

> NSA Files: Decoded

> Machines for Life

> China's Maritime Disputes

> Planet Money Makes a T-shirt

> The Wilderness Downtown

Final project benchmarks: All subpages finished. Updated files saved to Tigerweb.

March 12

Open lab time

March 14

DUE: HTML/CSS pages; Multimedia

> QA testing

For further learning:

> HTML 5. 28 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know

> Khan Academy

> JQuery; JQuery example; Tobacco Body (JQuery example)

> Learn to Code: Start Here

> Expanding your coding skills with Bento

March 26

DUE: Final project presentations