Course Schedule

Note: Course schedule is subject to (and probably will) change.

March 28

> Course overview: Syllabus, semester-long project, midterm exam

> A Brief History of Digital Publishing

> The Internet in 1977; History of the Internet; A preview of the Internet in 1981; The Internet in 1993; Mosaic turns 25; Gopher; Mosaic
> History of HTML
> The state of the art in Web design in the 1990s: Ancient Abandoned websites

The 2017 Online Journalism Award winners
> Tablets: The 1994 Vision

April 2
DUE: Three ideas for semester project

> What makes content engaging?

> Review of ideas for semester project

> Branding; purchasing your own domain; Planting Your Flag on a Patch of the Web

>The Code of Life

> Static vs. Dynamic websites

> Tech time: Working with Notepad. (Using TextEdit on a Mac? Read this.)

> HTML cheat sheet. HTML syntax; A visit to W3Schools. HTML file-naming conventions. Elements, Tags and Attributes. The DOCTYPE, HTML, HEAD, TITLE, META, BODY, EM, STRONG, P and H elements. Color codes.

> Homework: Watch Introduction and Sections 1-3 of this video.

April 4
DUE: Final Topic and Resource list (all should be printed out; be sure to include URLs for all websites); Post your blog URLs here.

DUE: Bring your USB drive with you to class!

DUE: First blog post due online no later than 11:59 p.m. April 8. Make sure you set the WordPress clock to East Coast time!

> Resource gathering: Setting up Google news alerts; RSS feeds

>The First Rule of Web Club

> Blogging basics: Categories vs. tags, the blog roll, linking, widgets; What a good post looks like; SmittenKitchen; Are Food Blogs Over?; Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post; 8 reasons why you still need to blog; Why Blogs Are Still Important in 2017; Blogging Trends and Predictions for 2017

> Tech time: HTML special characters; The BR, HR, A (HREF, NAME; MAILTO), BLOCKQUOTE, OL/UL and IMG elements; Adding comments to HTML code. Publishing your Web site. Using Filezilla to transfer files to the server. Directory structure

> Homework: Watch Sections 5-6 of this video.

April 9

DUE: Bring your USB drive with you to class!

> Promoting your content with Twitter and Instagram.

> The Brian Stelter example.

> Locking down Facebook.

> Domain names vs. URLs

> Windows CTRL keys (Mac Command keys):

> Tech time: HTML tables (the TABLE, TR and TD elements); Embedding YouTube videos

> Lab: Updating your HTML home page

April 11

Writing for the Web (More info online.)

Learning to Write for the Web (

> Sample website text creation (group work)

April 16

DUE: Text for final project

> Text review

> Digital Spotlight: Buster & Ellie

> Midterm review

April 18

DUE: Midterm Exam

> Organizing projects: Create your wireframe; Wireframe Showcase

> Tech time: Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pt. 1; CSS Zen Garden; CSS Syntax; How to attach CSS to an HTML document; The HTML DIV and SPAN tags (more here); The Difference Between ID and Class

April 23

Online portfolios: Digital portfolios for journalists: What are your options?

These tools will save, highlight and share your best work

A portfolio should be designed to spark a conversation

Give yourself a social media scan

5 Steps to a Better Personal Brand

Social media recruitment

LinkedIn Boot Camp

The Most Important LinkedIn Page You’ve Never Seen

Creating a successful online portfolio; Building a portfolio in 9 easy steps; Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips

The Online Activity That's Keeping You Unemployed

> Tech time: Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pt. 2: CSS Styling; CSS tutorial; CSS Cheat Sheet; The CSS Box Model; Create a stylesheet to use with your Tiger home page. Fonts, colors, text and links. Acceptable fonts.

> Using Adobe Dreamweaver

> Using the CSS template

April 25

Note: April 24 is the last day to withdraw from 7-week courses with a grade of "W."

DUE: Bring all the photos you want to use on your website, including those for your logo.

> Maps for storytelling

> How User-Generated Crisis Maps Save Lives in Disasters

> 2016 Presidential Election Map

> Map example from The Baltimore Sun: Baltimore Homicides

> Tech time: Working with Photoshop: Resizing and optimizing photos; creating screen grabs. Using Flickr Creative Commons photos. Embedding photos from Getty Images.

April 30

DUE: Portfolio

> Legal issues in digital publishing. Everything Pinterest and Tumblr Users Need To Know About Copyright Law. Legal and liability issues for publishing an online news site.

> Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism.

Final project benchmarks: Index page created with text placed and at least one sidebar/footer area filled. Updated files saved to Tigerweb.

May 2

> Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 10 Ways Journalists and Newsrooms Can Conquer SEO; A Journalist's Guide to SEO; Image Alt Text Vs. Image Title : What’s the Difference?; The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors; The Journalist's Guide to Analytics; Web Words That Lure the Readers; 4 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Photos for Search Engines

Final project benchmarks: Index page finished (logo replaced, colors updated, photo(s) replaced, all sidebar/footer elements finished). Copies saved for subpages. Updated files saved to Tigerweb.

May 7

The state of the art in digital journalism:

> Trend spotting: the best and worst of ‘Snowfall’ design

>The Book of Tebow

> NSA Files: Decoded

> Machines for Life

> China's Maritime Disputes

> Planet Money Makes a T-shirt

> The Wilderness Downtown

Final project benchmarks: All subpages finished. Updated files saved to Tigerweb.

May 9

DUE: HTML/CSS pages; Multimedia

> QA testing

For further learning:

> HTML 5. 28 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know

> Khan Academy

> JQuery; JQuery example; Tobacco Body (JQuery example)

> Learn to Code: Start Here

> Expanding your coding skills with Bento

May 14

DUE: Final project presentations