Welcome to TigerWeb

What is TigerWeb?
TigerWeb is a web publishing platform that provides Towson University faculty, students and staff with a static HTML website. It supports client side webpages that use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can manage your site using SFTP, file share, or SSH (SSH is only available on campus. To use off campus, please try RDP, VW, or VPN). The URL's for all sites on TigerWeb are https://tigerweb.towson.edu/NetID.

What isn't TigerWeb?
WordPress is the recommended option for Towson University individual webpages because TigerWeb provides only basic website development and does not support web-based applications. If you need a website for a web-based application, please submit a TechHelp service request.
WordPress for Faculty, Staff and Organizations
WordPress for Students
Each website is given a default quota of 250 MB.
Please submit a service request using TechHelp.
When you click on the Activate button, a blank website with a default HTML page is created. If you already have a website that you deactivated within the last 30 days, it will unarchive it and make it accessible. When you click Deactivate, the website will become inaccessible and will be permanently deleted in 30 days.
Visit TigerWeb self-service portal to get started with a new website or modify an existing site.

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