Course Schedule

Note: Course schedule is subject to (and probably will) change.

January 31
> Course overview
> New Magazine Startup Guide
> Pop-Up Magazine Rethinks the Definition of Magazine Media

> Following Up With Pop-Up Magazine, From the Other Side of the Curtain
> A brief history of magazines (PPT)
> The magazine industry (PPT)
> Top U.S. Consumer Magazines
> The anatomy of a magazine (PPT)
> Magazine terminology (PPT)
> The Matter of Time

>Media Life Magazine coverage of the magazine industry (archive)

February 7
DUE: Read Hogarth Chapters 4, 6; Kobak sections 5, 6, 11, 15-17; Read this article on AARP the Magazine; post blog links online

Guest speaker: Meg Guroff, Features Editor, AARP The Magazine (media kit)

Print vs. digital magazines

> Print Magazines Are NOT Going the Way Vinyl Went
> Yoga Digest: A launch story
> The Story of the Latest Travel Magazine Launch
> Creating and Running a Profitable Online Magazine, Part I and Part II

February 14
DUE: Magazine Analysis #1; Read Hogarth Chapters 1-3; Kobak 18, 19, 27

Magazine Launch Plan: Editorial

Developing an idea; the importance of niche

> The Roadmap To Magazine Success As Told By Wired Magazine’s Editor In Chief

February 21
DUE: Preliminary pitches (5 minutes each)

Group work

February 28
DUE: Magazine Analysis #2;

DUE: Questions for guest speaker; Kobak 26, 28, 29, 50, 51

Magazine Launch Plan: The business plan

Guest speaker: Jonathan Oleisky, President, Kalix Communications

> Magazine Execs Batten Down the Digital Hatches at AMMC

> Learning from the New Yorker, Wired's new paywall aims to build a more "stable financial future"

March 7

DUE: Personal job descriptions and task lists; Read Hogarth Chapter 8

Crafting a mission statement; Staffing; Planning editorial content; Recruiting writers and editors

> Building a brand

March 14
DUE: Personal job descriptions and task lists; Questions for guest speaker

Magazine Launch Plan: Circulation/Marketing

Magazine Launch Plan: Events

> Circulation marketing strategies evolve

> How Magazines Hit the Crowdfunding Jackpot on Kickstarter

> Making Paid Content Work in Digital Media

> Sample marketing plan

Guest speaker: Katie Arcieri Perschy, Washington Business Journal

March 28

DUE: Kobak 34-39; Questions for guest speaker

Magazine Launch Plan: Advertising

Guest speaker: John Stefancik, Publisher, Chesapeake Bay Magazine

April 4

DUE: Magazine Analysis #3; Read Hogarth Chapter 5; Kobak 20-25; 40-48; 59-65; Questions for guest speakers

Magazine Launch Plan: Design

> Magazine layout terminology

Guest speakers: Matt DaSilva (Editor-in-Chief), Gabriella O’Brien (Art Director), and Matt Hamilton (Staff Writer) Lacrosse magazine

April 9

Last day to withdraw from class

April 11

DUE: Questions for guest speaker; Read this article on Garden and Gun magazine

Magazine Launch Plan: Digital strategy

Guest speaker: Ryan Reed, Associate Digital Media Editor, Scripps Howard (formerly of Smithsonian magazine and Garden and Gun )

> 7 Questions for Ruthie Friedlander, InStyle’s Special Projects Director

April 18

DUE: Read Hogarth Chapter 11

Magazine Launch Plan: Media kits

April 25

Careers in the magazine field

Guest speakers:

Erika Huber, Editorial Fellow, Washingtonian magazine.

Krissy Elliott, California magazine.

May 2

DUE: First draft of Magazine Launch Plan; Questions for guest speaker

Pitch rehearsal

May 9
DUE: Final draft of Magazine Launch Plan

Final pitch to judges (Judging sheet)

May 16
1- to 2-page report on your personal contributions to the group (due by 7:30 p.m. via email)