Welcome to Magazine Publishing. This course is an introduction to professional magazine planning and production and to the world of entrepreneurship. Through a combination of readings, lectures, presentations, discussions and guest speakers, we will explore all aspects of the magazine publishing process, from conceiving an idea to writing a business plan to coming up with an editorial schedule. In addition, we will cover design, production, advertising and marketing, circulation and digital strategies.

The objectives of this course are:

  1. To acquaint students with the magazine industry, past and present.
  2. To give students understanding of all aspects of magazine development through the creation of a comprehensive magazine prospectus and prototype.

All students should have completed MCOM 341 and MCOM358 prior to taking this course.

Classroom Etiquette

During lectures, presentations and group work, students should be focusing on the material being presented and not checking Facebook, email or text messaging.

Please turn off your cell phone at the start of class and drop it off on the desk in the front of the room. If you have a need to keep your phone on a particular evening, please alert me to it and set your phone on silent.

Failure to comply with the phone policy will result in the following penalties: The first time your phone rings in class, you will lose 5 points from your overall class total of 100 possible points, the second time you will lose 10 points, and the third time you will lose 20 points.

Attendance is mandatory. In the event of absence from class, you assume full responsibility for the material covered in class. Please consult with a classmate to see what you have missed. One absence will be allowed; subsequent absences will each result in a deduction of two points from your semester grade. If you have a valid excuse with a note (doctor's note, religious holiday, etc.) the absence will be excused up to my discretion.

Late assignments will not be accepted. All assignments are due on the date given in the schedule -- NO EXCUSES!

Disability Statement

This course is in compliance with Towson University policies for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with Disability Support Services (DSS), 7720 York Road Suite 232, 410.704.2638 (Voice or TDD). Students who suspect they have a disability but do not have documentation are encouraged to contact DSS for advice on how to obtain appropriate evaluation. A memo from DSS authorizing your accommodation is needed before any accommodation can be made.

Disruptive Behavior

When students' behaviors become disruptive to class, faculty have the authority to remove students from class. Students will not be allowed to make up the rest of that semester's coursework. If the incident occurs before the final withdrawal period, students must withdraw themselves. If the withdrawal period has expired, students will receive either an FX or the earned grade. Depending on the nature and level of disruptive behaviors, the faculty may report students to Student Affairs Office or Judicial Affairs. The faculty may also call the University Police immediately if there are threats of imminent physical injury or danger to the faculty or to other students in class.

Student Legal Responsibilities

In all assignments, students must comply with all laws and the legal rights of others (e.g., copyright, obscenity, privacy and defamation) and with all Towson University policies (e.g., academic dishonesty). Towson University is not liable or responsible for the content of any student assignments, regardless of where they are posted.

Student Athletes:
Within the first two weeks of class, you must have a letter from the coach explaining your place on the team and a schedule of any away games or competitions during the semester. You must take any tests and prepare any assignments that conflict with this schedule before the test or due date, not after.