Books and Supplies

There are two required texts for this class. Your success will depend in large part on how well you keep up with reading assignments:

In addition, each group should have at least one copy of “Designing the Editorial Experience,” Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar (available from Amazon)

It is highly recommended you get free Trello account for your group.

It is highly recommended each group purchase at least two months access to LivePlan (at $19.95 a month) for developing your business plan.

You will also need to purchase a few magazines for the Analysis assignments.


Highly recommended if you have a tablet is a subscription to Texture.


In addition you should read about the magazine business in key trade and consumer publications and websites such as Folio, The New York Times (particularly Monday's business section, which has a particular emphasis on media, including the magazine industry), Advertising Age, Columbia Journalism Review, Wooden Horse Publishing Magazine News,, ASME and Media Life Magazine.