Math 314 Missions

Fall 2017

Written Assignements

Problems are from the course textbook unless otherwise noted. (Note that some problems may be on CoCalc.)

Mission 0 Due August 31st PDF
Sage Assignment 1 Due September 5th See CoCalc
Mission 1 Due September 7th PDF
Sage Assignment 2 Due September 12th See CoCalc
Mission 2 Due September 14th PDF TEX
Sage Assignment 3 Due September 21st See CoCalc
Mission 3 Due September 28th PDF TEX
Mission 4 Due October 5th PDF TEX
Mission 5Due October 17thEncrypt the message 100001111000 using Simplified DES (3 rounds) using the master key k=110010110. Worksheet
Mission 6Due October 26th PDF
Worksheet 3Due November 7th PDF
RSA In Class CoCalc AssignmentDue November 7th See CoCalc
Mission 7Due November 16 PDF TEX
Mission 8Due December 11 PDF TEX

Hill Cipher Challenge (Block size 2): Ciphertext