AEJMC 2020: Watch my presentation on The Importance of Being Niche-y: Cannabis Magazines in the 2020s

Fall 2020

MCOM358 students: Syllabus is on Blackboard.

MCOM 341 students:Syllabus is on Blackboard.

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Internships and recommendations

Interested in an internship? Start here. You can find required evaluation forms and other materials at the Career Center website.

Need a letter of recommendation? Except in extenuating circumstances, it is my policy to provide recommendations for jobs on LinkedIn rather than to write individual letters. That way, you will be able to use my recommendation for multiple employers over a longer time period. Generally speaking, I will write a recommendation only after a student has completed at least one course with me with a grade of at least a B. If you meet that condition and you are required to get a letter for a job, internship or scholarship, please make sure that your request includes the following:

  • a list of the courses you took with me, what dates you took them, and what grades you received;
  • a description of the internship, scholarship or job; the date the position begins;
  • a current copy of your resume;
  • your current GPA; and
  • the deadline for the letter.

Email your request to me with the subject line "Request for letter of recommendation." Please note that I need at least two weeks to guarantee I will be able to deliver a letter.

Getting ready to look for a job? Spend some time thinking about this list of 50 common interview questions, and you'll increase your odds of landing the job.

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