Math 314 Missions

Spring 2017

Written Assignements

Problems are from the course textbook unless otherwise noted. (Note that some problems may be on SageMathCloud.)

Mission 0 Due February 2nd PDF
Sage Assignment 1 Due February 7th See SMC
Mission 1 Due February 9th See SMC
SMC Assignment 2 Due February 21st See SMC
Mission 2 Due February 23rd See SMC
SMC Assignment 3 Due February 28th See SMC
SMC Assignment 4 (Fermat) Due March 7th See SMC
Mission 3 Due March 9th See SMC
Mission 4 Due March 16th See SMC
Mission 5 Due April 4th Encrypt the message 100001111000 using Simplified DES (3 rounds) using the master key k=110010110. Worksheet
Mission 6 Due April 6th PDF
Worksheet Due April 18th PDF Solutions
Mission 7 Due April 27th See SMC
Mission 9 Due May 11th See SMC