Welcome My current role at Towson is as the founding Director of the School of Emerging Technology. Launched in 2011, the School of Emerging Technologies (SET) at Towson University works to advance interdisciplinary and collaborative educational and research programs that address the development, application, implications and ramifications of emerging technologies

Prior to that, I was the director of the Center for Applied Information Technology (2007-2012) and the graduate director of the Integrated Homeland Security Management Masters program (2008-2012).

My primary research interest is in the development of improved mathematical algorithms for the geographic profiling problem, which is the problem of estimating the location of a serial criminal's home base from the known locations of the crimes. This work has been sponsored by the National Institute of Justice.

I am also very interested in cyber security, and cyber security competitions. I have coached the Towson team to the finals of the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC) in 2010 and 2012; I also coached the team that won the Maryland Cyber Challenge in 2011. I keep a blog with the material used in my cyber security courses and the latest news in the field.

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