Shiver & You Have Weather

2008 / 2 minutes / Paper and Pencil, Shot on 16mm


Hand drawn animation adaptating Matthea Harvey's "Shiver & You Have Weather," created for Poetry Everywhere, an initiative by the Poetry Foundation to spread poetry to a mass audience. Done in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee film department and DocUWM. Poetry Everywhere includes the exhibition of poetry on public transportation such as TransitTV on buses and taxis, as well as online at and

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Written by Matthea Harvey
From her book, Sad Little Breathing Machine (2004).

Animation by
Joseph Kraemer

Poetry Everywhere docUWM:
Executive producers: Brad Lichtenstein and Liam Callanan
Producers: Tim Decker and Jenny Plevin
Additional Production: Alison Farmer
Postproduction and Sound Design: Allison Alexander Westbrook IV
Curatorial Consultants: Ellen Elder and Maurice Kilwein Guevara
Creative Consultants: Kate Raney and Marc Tasman
Logo and Design: Amy Decker

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