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Hello ! Welcome to my page, my name is Tamani Lynch , but I go by "T" to make it short and sweet , like me :) .I was originally born in Queens, New York but I've grown up in Bowie, Maryland for a majority of my life. Currently I'm a junior at Towson University studying graphic Design. Ever since I was young I have been completely drawn to art and with the new age of technology I became fascinated wih graphic design and thats why I ame taking Design for the WWW in order to expand my knowledge on creating aesthetically pleasing websites that display an advanced level of understanding of graphic design elements.

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the First Thunder from Anastasia Melikhova on Vimeo.

film by Anastasia Melikhova
animation Vera Pozdeeva, Anna Budanova, Anastasia Melikhova
orchestral arrangement by Arkadiy Klein