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The focus of this website is nail designs, nail care,trends, and concentrating on the nail technicians on Towson University campus. I blog about nails technicians that are students on campus and how they got started. I touch on all the genre of nails such as: acrylic, powder, gel, and polish. I have provided an explanation page for those who aren't familiar with nails terminology. The explanation page would be called: Nail Tails, which consist of nail content and words that will be defined to teach and familiarize nail terminology to my audience/viewers. The purpose of my website is to shine a light of how nail techs are artists too and how they’re nail technicians on college campuses that are making their hobby into a business.

My website is to entertain and to inform students or people who want to know how to do their own nails, how to start their own business. My website is also to inform my viewers of nail care to promote growth and healthy cuticles. I also want to provide a continuous conversation about the current popular nail designs, colors, and trends that surfacing in the media and culture today. My website will be based on new designs that are popular to capture the audience's eye on my website. My website has two other pages to help navigate what you want to learn about nails. My Nails Explained page of focus would be on nail techs on Towson University campus and their businesses. My Nail Health page would be links and information on learning how to care and do nails. This page will teach my viewer through videos and references of “how to’s”, tutorials, and nail tails of everything they need to know about nails.

To make sure that you will all your inquiries answered I will have links to youtube, website, instagramers and twitter. My pages on my website will have links to also answer those questions. These media platforms will provide the profiles of famous nail technicians starting these trends and the famous people they work for. The famous people profiles will be provide so my viewers don’t have to search for the picture of their nails that I blog about. The link would also provide tutorials of how to care for your nails and also do your own nails to provide a cheaper option instead of going to a salon. The tutorials would complement my project by using social media for the famous nail techs and then youtubers for teaching amaetur who want to become nail technicians.