Silvia Grav


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Silvia Grav is a Spanish photographer born in 1993 in Spain. She dropped out of Fine Art School at 18 and then became published in Juxtapoz as well as other cultural magazines. Grav utilizes photographic manipulation to fluid dreamy/nightmarish images. Her images appeal to the emotions of her viewers and evoke feelings of loss and memory. Grav was awarded the "20 under 20" by flickr for being one of the best new photographers of that age group. One of her projects titled "Strangers" consists of photographs of complete strangers. she acquired her subjects by requesting people with insecurities in ads. Most of the responses she got were all women except for one man who headlines this project.
Strangers Project!

A Day In The Life of Photorapher Silvia Grav
One of Her Short Films