Photo of me and Teammates and Photo of me at auditions (PC: Bruce Adler/PC: MAVPP)

Pro Cheer in the Beginning

 Photo of me and Katy at a Redskins event (pc: Bruce Adler)

Becoming a Professional Cheerleader is not the easiest task and for those whom aspire to become a part of the Pro's it is the most honorable task to achieve of all. Professional Cheerleading started back in the 1960's and once the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders took over it has been all Glam and hard to achieve ever since. Becoming a Professional Cheerleader is a symbol of hardwork and honor, where young kids and adults look up to you as this great public figure. Some History on Pro Cheer starts off with, The Baltimore Colts Cheerleaders making their own team in the 60's, and then turned into a sport of looks once DCC took over, and then later was discovered woman not only needed to be beautiful but althetic to keep up with the heat and dancing on game days, and so The Pro Cheerleaders were born.

Once Professional Cheerleading was born there became rules, tasks, and different things required in order to be or become a Cheerleader. Must of these rules today can luckily be found online or told at a local prep class, and many girls auditioning today are well informed before auditions. Auditioning to become a Professional Cheerleader is like auditioning for a job today. Today many girls go through different steps throughout the audition process in hopes to making a team, but only so many make it.

Professional Cheerleading started off as just being glamorous and turned into being more than that in just a few years, it is being talented, beautiful, smart, hardworking, dedicated, atheletic, mentally tough, and so much more. Professional Cheerleading is becoming the full package. Start your first steps here to learn more.