Photo of Maryland flag by Ricky  Used under Creative Commons license, Photo of Beer flying dog by Brad Bailey under Creative Commons license

Maryland Beer and Breweries

Photo taken by Ricardo Fuentes shows a picture of the Twisted Turtle sold at Franklins in Hyttsville, MD

The Twisted Turtle brewed at Franklins in Hyattsville, Maryland. Maryland has a rish history of beer breweing. it may not have the biggest notoriety but breweries such as Flying dog, White Marsh Brewing Company, The Brewer's, Art, and Peabody Heights Brewery are trying to change that. The top breweries to look for in the year 2018 can be found here. Maryland has many breweries, which you can find here in the state.

Small breweries in Mayland are trying to compete with the larger companies. Companies like Franklins, Union Craft Brewing, and heavy sea bears are also trying to show the rest of the state what local Marylanders are drinking at there local bars. These companies brew beers that are not as well known like the Twisted Turtle, Loose Cannon, and Duckpin. These beers are brewed to to give a alternative while giving crafters new ideas of the public might enjoy. Maryland are also in danger of losing craft beer because of laws like HB 1283 and proposed bill HB 1052. reported by the Baltimore Sun.

Breweries big or small in Maryland are proud and they would like to share new beers with many different types of ingredients for us.