Photo of Paintbrushes and Camera with CreArte logo

Discover and create art in a new way

A great, easy, and cheap way to make yourself and your pictures look more professional is to go to local public art places that can create amazing backdrops. Step up your selfie game by visiting the seemingly endless list of free public art locations in Baltimore, MD.

We all know of Michelangelo and Picasso, but most don't about the many artists that have created successful work locally. Afterall, Baltimore is full of creators, designers, painters, sculpters, etc. Read up on some of the local successful artists in Baltimore to discover artists near you.

While public art backdrops will greatly improve your picture quality, it is also important that the picture itself is artsy and unique, like adjusting the lighting, framing, and color reflections. Learning some (do-it-yourself) DIY photo techniques can be extremely useful and fun to play around with while creating an aesthetic look to your photos.

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