Spring 2023 Regional Undergraduate Math Research Conference

Towson University
April 22, 2023

The schedule -and list of abstracts are posted.


The Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference at Towson is a one-day meeting designed to promote undergraduate research in mathematics by showcasing completed original research, selected expository presentations, as well as research projects in progress. If you are an undergraduate student or a high-school student, you are welcome to attend the conference (with or without a talk). If you have participated in an original research project, you are invited to give a presentation about your research. The web page Advice for Presenters offers information about the length of the talk, the physical facilities, and some links to website for helpful hints in preparing your presentation.

In addition to student presentations, the conference features two invited faculty talks and a panel on career opportunities in government, industry, and academia.

For information on the Spring 2022 regional undergraduate math research conference organized by Towson University, see here.


Date: April 22nd 2023
Location: 7800 York Road, on the campus of Towson University in Towson Maryland.
Time:10 am -- 5:30 pm
Registration starts at 9:30am.

Please fill out the online registration form if you are planning to attend.

Organizers: Sergiy Borodachov (sborodachov@towson.edu), Alexei Kolesnikov (akolesnikov@towson.edu), Nathan McNew (nmcnew@towson.edu), Hervé Nganguia (hnganguia@towson.edu)

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Megan Martinez, Ithaca College
Title: Permutation Entropy in Time Series
Abstract: A time series is a set of data indexed by time; for example, they are used in finance, weather forecasting, and earthquake prediction. Appropriate analysis of time series allows us to understand the nature of a system. To this end, one tool that has been developed for analysis is permutation entropy, which examines the relative ordering of consecutive data points in a time series. But what exactly does this entropy measure? What would permutation entropy look like in a more deterministic time series? What about a random one? In this talk, we will work to understand permutation entropy, and how it behaves with different kinds of time series.

Dr. Susan Goldstine, St. Marys College of Maryland.
Title: When Mathematics Says No: The Aesthetics of Impossibility
Abstract: Sometimes, when we pose questions of mathematics, its answers are strikingly contrary. Why can’t we trisect an angle with the same tools we use to bisect an angle? It’s not possible. Why haven’t we found the quintic formula? It doesn’t exist. Can we at least prove that arithmetic is logically consistent? Nope!
We can view these results as intransigent obstacles to human knowledge, or we can accept them as fascinating illustrations of the boundaries of different mathematical techniques. In this talk, we will explore analogous results for techniques in the fiber arts. For each form of knitting, crochet, embroidery, and so forth, there is a set of limitations on what types of designs they can produce. Sometimes, these limits are broad enough that the art form can encompass every mathematical possibility. Other times, the craft imposes intriguing restrictions on what patterns we can produce, and we will make the case that these restrictions have their own intrinsic beauty.

Contributed Talks

Any undergraduate students are invited to contribute a 15 minute talk. If you wish to contribute a talk please let us know when you register. .

Career Panel

  • Colin Zimmerman - Senior Data Scientist at Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Lindsey Wilson - Pricing Actuary at Gravie
  • Julianne Nierwinski - US Army
  • Derek Margulies - Data Scientist at Noblis


All of the talks will happen in person at Towson, in the 7800 York Road Building.
Parts of the conference will also be available on Zoom. Links to participate will be emailed to registered participants.
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