Spring 2024 Towson Regional Undergraduate Math Conference

Spring 2024 Regional Undergraduate Math Research Conference

Towson University
April 6, 2024

A preliminary list of abstracts and conference schedule are now available!


The Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference at Towson is a one-day meeting designed to promote undergraduate research in mathematics by showcasing completed original research, selected expository presentations, as well as research projects in progress. If you are an undergraduate student or a high-school student, you are welcome to attend the conference (with or without a talk). If you have participated in an original research project, you are invited to give a presentation about your research. The web page Advice for Presenters offers information about the length of the talk, the physical facilities, and some links to website for helpful hints in preparing your presentation.

In addition to student presentations, the conference features two invited faculty plenary talks, a panel on career opportunities in government, industry, and academia, networking opportunities at lunch (provided to all participants) and a drawing for door prizes at the end.

For information on the Spring 2023 regional undergraduate math research conference organized by Towson University, (or prior conferences) see here.


Date: April 6th 2024
Location: 7800 York Road, on the campus of Towson University in Towson Maryland.
Time:10 am -- 5:30 pm
Registration starts at 9:30am, along with coffee and pastry refreshments.

Free lunch provided for all registered participants. Stay until after the final plenary talk for a chance to win one of 5 door prizes (including board games and, like every year, a flying drone!)
Please fill out the online registration form if you are planning to attend.

Organizers: Sergiy Borodachov (sborodachov@towson.edu), Alexei Kolesnikov (akolesnikov@towson.edu), Nathan McNew (nmcnew@towson.edu), Hervé Nganguia (hnganguia@towson.edu)

Plenary Speakers

Nicholas Scoville, Ursinus College
Title: Discrete Morse theory as an introduction to topology
Abstract: Like algebra, geometry, and number theory, topology is one of the main branches of mathematics today. Yet unlike algebra, geometry, and number theory, most people are not aware of what topology is. Because of its abstract nature, explaining the main concepts found in topology can be challenging. In this talk, we will discuss some of the main ideas in topology via an introduction to discrete Morse theory. Discrete Morse theory is a tool used in topology, but viewing this tool from the right point of view can shed great light on the important ideas in topology. We will also look at two original research problems, one relating to persistent homology and one relating to merge trees.

Amy Chapman, Virginia Military Institute
Title: The Power of Lines
Abstract: Lines are often seen as simple, easy to work with functions. But what can you do using only lines? In operations research, there's an entire class of problems, linear programming problems, that use only lines to optimize complex systems. In this talk, I will provide a brief introduction to linear programming, and then discuss a humanitarian relief application that approaches the problem of locating relief centers, not just from an operational point of view. This approach takes into account social costs in order to more fairly relieve the suffering of the impacted population.

Contributed Talks

Any undergraduate students are invited to contribute a 15 minute talk. If you wish to contribute a talk please let us know when you register. .

Career Panel

  • William Logan, Transamerica (actuary).
  • Angela Delano, Census Bureau (Construction Re-engineering Lead)
  • Colin Zimmerman, Franklin Templeton Investments (Senior Data Scientist).
  • Amy Chapman, Virginia Military Institute (Mathematics Professor).


All of the talks will happen in person at Towson, in the 7800 York Road Building.
Parts of the conference will also be available on Zoom. Links to participate will be emailed to registered participants.
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