Photo of vineyard by Tim Corradino Used under Creative Commons license

Women at TU

The TU letters surrounded by flowers outside of the Center for the Arts

Women have made unparalleled progress in their fight for equality. Countless strong women have fought relentlessly to gain rights and opportunities, which allows every female tigress at TU to prsoper.


62% of Towson's population is women. We have a strong network of women to stand together to continue fighting for ourselves.


TU women are lucky to have a strong base of role models, from inside and outside of the Towson community. We also have various opportunities in place for women to get involved and let their voices be heard.


Women have to stay unified and determined to maintain the forward motion put in place by the generations before us. We have to remember we are not alone, we have a network of fellow strong women and we can reach out goals, including equality between the sexes.