Welcome to my website!

Photo of self

My name is Megan Williams. I am a senior here at Towson and I am a Graphic Design major, minoring in marketing. I am in Phi Mu, a sorority here on campus and I also work at the Universities Child Care Center which is located on campus right next to Secu Arena. Although I am required to take Design for the WWW for my major, it is a course that I have been interested in. I just started getting into web design in my other digital classes where we would design layouts and create web designs in photoshop. Coding is something I don't really have a lot of experience in and I want to learn more about it so that I can apply it to actually creating a website. White I love working digitally in photoshop and inDesign, I also enjoy drawing in my sketchbook in my freetime. I have posted a few photos of my work below that were created for previous classes I took here at Towson.

skeleton drawing
sharpie art

Below are a few links to websites that I enjoy using. Feel free to take a look!

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