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About Us

Love Tea? Love cats? Love drinking tea with your cats, but your cats just don't share the same enthusiasm? Try Hemi Tea!

Hemi Tea is a newly founded company dedicated to bringing you the finest cat-friendly teas that you and your furry friend can enjoy together. Our founder was inspired by her own cats, Hemi and Flynn because she wanted to share the enjoyment she got from her beverages with her cats. After consulting with experts, she formulated special blends that are conducive to the health of both humans and felines. She is proud to share her creations with you and your feline family. Our teas are made from 100% organic herbs and 100% safe for both people and cats to drink. We strive for a pawsitive experience for all of our customers.

About our mascots:

Hemi is a black Norwegian Forest Cat with attitude to spare and fluff for days. Do not pet unless you are invited to do so! After a long, exhausting day of looking fabulous and doing his best imitation of a bear-trap, Hemi like to kick back and relax with a nice cup of tea.
His other favorite pastimes include knocking stuff off the table, camouflaging against black things, and bringing live birds into the house.

Flynn is a white short-hair with orange spots, and is Hemi's younger brother by 8 years. He is young, rambunctious, and dumb as a bag of hairballs. What Flynn lacks in brains, he makes up for in personality and general cuteness. Before bed, Flynn kicks back with his favorite catnip tea.
His favorite activities include getting butt-pats, pawing at the TV, and collecting bottle caps.


Each package of Hemi Tea contains 4 oz of loose leaf tea and one re-useable muslin tea bag.
For all feline brews, let cool completely before serving. Do not add sugar to feline brews.

Hemi's Ginger Pear Tea (Our "Mouse" Blend and signature tea)

Mellow pear and spicy ginger. Ginger-Pear tea is a great afternoon tea, especially nice with your favorite treats. With its spicy fragrance, its mellow pear and zingy ginger flavor,
this blend is a real relaxing one.
Brew at 200 degrees, 5 mins for humans; 1 min for felines.
For humans only: you can add your favorite black tea

(no caffeinated tea for kitties)

Lemon Tiger Balm Tea

Made with a combination of crisp mint and bright lemon balm, with a catnip base. This blend is designed to soothe a disturbed digestive system. Relieves anxiety and insomnia.
Brew at 212 degrees, 3 mins for humans; 90 seconds for felines.

Flynn's Sleepytime Tea

Calming soothing blend of catnip and lavender meant to ease even the feistiest spirit.
Brew at 200 degrees, 4 mins for humans, enjoy hot or iced; 2 mins for felines.

Purrfect Matcha

Sage, catnip, "matcha" - Our powdered tea is made with rub sage, so it is safe for your cat. This blend is great for helping with inflammation or irritation of the mouth and throat,
especially after a nasty hairball or a night of yowling.
For both cats and humans, dissolve one teaspoon in on cup of lukewarm water and whisk until frothy. You may also mix with your favorite cat-safe milk.

Cinnamon Cat's Meow Tea

Naturally sweet for a toasty pick-me-up with warming cinnamon to give you and your cat some pep.
Brew at 212 degrees, 4-5 mins for humans; 2 mins for felines.


Here are some videos to help you get started! Tea can be more complicated than it seems.
Watch these videos for some history and "how-to"s of tea.


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