Photo of the Steel Pier in Atlantic City

Welcome to South Jersey

Atlantic City Beach

South Jersey is the superior half of New Jersey and the under appreciated gem of the Northeast region of the United States. South Jersey is the southern half of New Jersey. (Don't let argue about the existence of Central Jersey, it's not worth it.) As you will learn, North and South Jersey are only connected by regional boundaries. They are two entirely different areas with differing landscapes, culture, sayings, etc. South Jersey starts at Ocean County all the way to Cape May County. This is where the majority of beaches, named the Jersey Shore, are located. This coastal state has a lot of tourism because of its many beach towns and proximity to two of the biggest cities in the United States: New York City and Philadelphia. The gem that is this region can be lost with the entertaining representation of the nearby area with its depiction on reality shows like Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Hopefully, this information will have you interested in taking a trip to Shore and see everything South Jersey has to offer. You won't be disappointed.

Courtesty of PBS