The following is a list of selected undergraduate and graduate students with whom I have had the privilege of working during my tenure at Towson University. All of the files available below are in PDF format. Click on the Get FoxItReader button in the right column of this Web page to download FoxitReader, a free PDF document reader.

Thesis Advisor

King, Karla I. (2013)
Remotely Detecting Intensity and Extent of Tree Damage in Yosemite National Park

Stevens, Tyler B. (2012)
Enabling a Renewed Interest in Metadata: A Maryland Spatial Data Infrastructure Perspective

Lesh, Ashley M. (2010)
Utilization of Geographic Information Systems Technology in Middle and High Schools in the State of Maryland

McAteer, James (2002)
The Impact of BRT Service Modifications on Expressed Attitudes Toward Bus Ridership in Nashville, Tennessee

Stewart, Catherine M. (1999)
Prediction of Community Noise Levels as a Function of Population Density

Turner, Dean A. (1995)
Visitor Distribution and Contact Preference on the Northern Central Railroad Trail: A Social Carrying Capacity Study

Lilly, Gregory H. (1996)
A Comparison of Representative Digital Image Processing Techniques for Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection

Sacks, Darrell W. (1994)
Greenways as Alternative Transportation Routes: A Case Study of Selected Greenways in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area

Syphard, Robert S. (1991)
The Effects of Land Use Activities on Natural Trout Populations in Selected Portions of the Gunpowder River Sub-Basin, Baltimore County, Maryland

Bigham, Berard L. (1987)
Choosing the Level of Cleanup at Superfund Removal Sites: An Analysis of the Decision Making Process

Thesis Committee Member

Pfister, Jennifer L. (2004)
Using Landscape Metrics to Create an Index of Forest Fragmentation for the State of Maryland

Henry, Kevin A. (1999)
Incorporating the Temporal Component of GIS: The Spatial-Temporal Evolution of a Baltimore City Block, 1850-1920

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Dr. Patrick J. Bresnahan, Geospatial Information Officer
Richland County (Columbia, South Carolina) Geographic Information Systems

Dr. Robert S. Bristow
Department of Geography and Regional Planning
Westfield State College

Jamie Rappaport Clark, Executive Vice President
Defenders of Wildlife

Dr. Mark F. Colosimo
U.S. Section, International Joint Commission
U.S. Department of State

Dr. Jerry T. Mitchell, Director of the Center of Excellence for Geographic Education
Department of Geography
University of South Carolina

Dr. Mark Micozzi, Assistant Professor
Department of Cartography and Geography
East Central University

Dr. Thomas R. Mueller, Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
California University of Pennsylvania

Eric C. Schwwab, Acting Assistant Secretary for Conservation and Management
NOAA Marine Fisheries Service

Dr. William J. Smith, Jr., Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Studies
University of Nevada Las Vegas

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