The following are course materials for selected courses I teach. Left click to display a file or right click to save a file to your computer. If you display one of the files, click your browser's back button to return to this page. All of the files are in PDF format. Click on the Get FoxItReader button in the right column of this Web page to download FoxitReader, a free, no bloat PDF document reader.

GEOG 101 - Introduction to Physical Geography

Syllabus - Fall 2013
Schedule - Fall 2013 (coming soon)

GEOG 416/631 - Principles of Remote Sensing

Syllabus - Fall 2013 (coming soon)
Schedule - Fall 2013 (coming soon)

GEOG 417/571 - Outdoor Recreation Planning and Management

GEOG 476/676 - Advanced Remote Sensing

GEOG 679 - Introduction to GIS for Graduate Students

Syllabus - Summer 2013
Schedule - Summer 2013

IHSM 660 - GIS Applications for Homeland Security and Emergency Management (Online Course)

Syllabus - Summer 2013
Schedule - Summer 2013 (coming soon)
Case Study - Summer 2013 (coming soon)

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