The mission of the Geospatial Research and Education (GRE) Laboratory is to serve the faculty, students, and staff of Towson University and the people of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region by providing a focal point for geospatial research, education, and outreach activities. The objectives of the GRE Laboratory, which is located with the Department of Geography and Environmental Planning, are:



The GRE Laboratory provides geospatial research, education, and outreach activities including but not limited to cartographic visualization, environmental inventory and analysis, geographic education, GIS education, hazards analysis and risk assessment, homeland security and emergency management, natural resources planning and management, outdoor recreation planning and management, remote sensing and digital image processing, urban social geography, and urban sprawl and land use planning. Services available from the GRE Laboratory include:


Faculty Research Fellows and Research Associates

The following faculty are Research Fellows of the GRE Laboratory:

Kent B. Barnes, Ph.D., Rutgers, 1984, Associate Professor (Geography) - natural and technological hazards, environmental planning and impact analysis.

Natalia Fath, Ph.D., Moscow State University, 1993, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Geography) - human dimensions of climate change, landscape responses to climate and land use/land cover changes, monitoring natural hazards by means of GIS, remote sensing.

Kang Shou Lu, Ph.D., Clemson, 2001, Associate Professor (Geography) - spatial analysis, land use planning, tourism management, GIS, East Asia.

John M. Morgan III, Ph.D., Maryland, 1980, Professor (Geography) - GIS, remote sensing, homeland security and emergency management, outdoor recreation planning and management, Alaska.

Martin C. Roberge, Ph.D., Arizona State, 1999, Associate Professor (Geography) - environmental, biogeography, GIS.

Paporn Thebpanya, Ph.D., Georgia, 2003, Assistant Professor (Geography) - cartography, geographic visualization, GIS, remote sensing.

Jane L. Wolfson, Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook, 1978, Associate Professor (Environmental Science and Studies) - academic environmental curricula, agricultural education, agroecology, career development of minority youth

The following individuals are Research Associates of the GRE Laboratory:

Kutz, Frederick W. (Rick), Ph.D., Purdue, 1972, Senior Research Associate - environmental public health and ecological assessments with emphasis on landscape science approaches. Retired U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official and senior research associate of the GRE Laboratory.

Lilly, Gregory H., M.A., Towson, 1996, Research Associate - photogrammetry, remote sensing.

Mueller, Thomas R. Illinois, 1999, Senior Research Associate - Professor (Geography) - California University of Pennsylvania - GIS, crime mapping, demographic and housing issues.

The GRE Laboratory also endeavors to involve faculty from other academic departments in jointly developing research proposals and grants and contracts. Although proposals will be submitted by the GRE Laboratory, the Research Fellow who takes the lead in developing the proposal will serve as principal investigator for the proposal. In other words, the GRE Laboratory will function as a consortium, or collaboratory, of faculty members involved in geospatial education and research. Currently, an effort is underway to identify faculty in other Towson University academic departments who would like to participate in interdisciplinary geospatial research and education projects.

Student Program

The GRE Laboratory provides service-learning and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and graduate assistantships within the laboratory. Students working in the Laboratory have the opportunity to work on "cutting edge" projects using the latest hardware and software with the advice and assistance of a faculty mentor.

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