Photo of vineyard by Tim Corradino Used under Creative Commons license

Locally made to inspire

Deb Felmey, Flickr

Art surrounds us. We're bound to come across some at least once throughout our day. Some may appreciate it more than others. Some may produce art in various ways. Either way, we all have some inspiration from certain artists. whether they are known globally or natinally, but what about artists locally? What about the artists in our own community? Maybe your next inspiration is your next door neighbor?

If you're anywhere in or near a city, you know there's art on every corner. Cities are great for art galleries and art museums to thrive, along with gaining knowledge about various artworks. One city in particular is Baltimore, Maryland, because of it's original art and music scene. Getting involved in the local art scene can be the tricky part, but just like anything you are passionate about, it is definitely not out of reach.

Although it is easy to google "local art galleries and exhibitions in Baltimore," why do that when I have already compiled a list of local artists for you, and even included links to their exhibitions that you've probably never heard of before.