Photo of vineyard by Tim Corradino Used under Creative Commons license

Martial Arts Aren't just for men

Martial Arts can be defined as any of the many different forms of combat or self-defense that can be practiced as a sport.For women, this has not always been a priority which has lead to the stigmatization of the art as a "man's sport." Though over time much of the creation of martial arts has been credited to men, women have proven them wrong time and time again, and will only continue to do so by learning martial artsand learniing to execute them in ways people never would have imagined.

The Towson community offers many different ways for women to get involved in martial arts. With different studios in town, as well as clubs and classes on Towson University's campus, any woman with the desire to embark on a martial arts journey has the ablility.

Ranging from tae kwon do and karate to judo and Brazillian jiu jitsu and everything in between, there are enough options to satisfy even the most ambitious martial artist.