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Welcome to Facial Hair Haven

smiling man with mustache

Facial Hair has been a method for men to make a statement for centuries. From the original sideburns in the Civil War brought to you by the now-not-as famous General Ambrose Burnside to baseball’s most famous handlebar mustache with Rollie fingers, facial hair has played a vital role in the lives of many men. Though these particular styles are not the way to go in today’s beard-friendly society they are still an important part of beards and the development of how men use facial hair to improve their look.

The problem with facial hair is that not every man is gifted with an exorbitant amount of it or a preferable hair type. Some men have patchy beards or maybe their mustache doesn’t grow in. Other men have curly beard hair that becomes hard to brush out and keep neat over the course of a day. With all of these problems in addition to the prospect having to shave every once in a while men have to figure out how to maintain their facial hair while being overwhelmed by the options presented by the likes of the Dollar Shave Club and The Art of Shaving who provide good products. Meanwhile, some men don’t even know what beard oil is or how to take care of the skin under your beard.

The great thing about facial hair is that there is a plethora of styles to choose from. There is a style for everyone and every type. Does your mustache not connect to your beard? Try the mustache. Is your beard a little patchy towards the sides? Try a goatee. Don’t like your experimental facial hair? Shave it. I have never heard a complaint about having a clean-shaven face. Facial hair is supposed to be fun so be adventurous. Do something with it!