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Hiking for the Casual Adventurer

    It's a bright and sunny day. Maryland's weather has finally gotten warmer and you're excited to go outdoors and once again reconnect with nature. You sit inside and think to yourself: what should I do today? Well here's a suggestion: go on a hike!

    Many people in today's society have picked up the trend of hiking, but a lot of the time, it is taken to an extreme. So many people get involved in long trail hikes that require a lot of planning and preparation. Backpacks, boots, cooking supplies, guides, and more make the actual act of hiking a complex activity. Overnight and long trail hiking is still a fantastic activity, but sometimes people just need something a little more simple.

    That's why casual hiking exists. There are so many trails all around Maryland that are perfect for the casual hiker. Simply put, casual hiking is hiking for the little enjoyments, not for the extreme. There are endless opportunities for places to go and things to do on the spontaneous hike. So, when you're in the mood to do something outdoorsy and adventurous, go on a hike and just have fun!