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If you like bikes, don't mind a little mess, and are an all around Adrenaline-junkie... then getting down and dirty on the motocross track sounds like the perfect sport for you to get your fix; fast.

Motocross has always been for those who want more than what mainstream sports have to offer. A track, a bike, a rider, and a checkered flag. That's all that stands between the riders on the gate and their finale across the finish line.

MX isn't for the fainthearted. It is an individually performed sport; driven by a demand of physical and mental strength, technique and skill, balance, speed, and most of all... guts. Filled with a lifetime of learning, riding,practicing, and training, MX riders who are serious about the sport make second homes of local tracks that offer great practice hours and host local competitions.

Any and every rider should know the basics of the bike they are handling. Dirt bikes are very diverse- there are six different brands you can choose from. Like the riders themselves, these different brands of bikes have different personalities too, each with their own unique build. Any rider old or new knows the importance of knowing their bike brands and basics.

Ride time on the bikes, however, means a lot of maintenance too. Dirt bikes and their riders need to be serviced and kept up-to-date if they want to keep up with the sport. When it comes down to it, motocross means the rider and their trusty steed experience major wear-and-tear. Bikes are always in need of parts and touch-ups and making sure that the bikes and riders are in good shape is necessary in the motocross world. So whether you’re a do-it-yourself type or prefer to take it to a shop, there are tons of websites and local shops that will provide any rider with what they will need.

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