James Jean


James Jean is Taiwanese American visual artist. He is known for fine art gallery works, and commercial work. Jean has done various cover arts for DC comics as well as work for Prada, ESPN and Atlantic Records.

His career began in 2001 as a cover artist for DC Comics for the series Fables and The Umbrella Academy. He also worked in advertising, contributing works to international publications like Target, Linkin Park, Rolling Stone, and more. 2007 and 2008 Jean collaborated with Prada. He did a backdrop for Prada’s Spring and Summer 2008 show in Milan. Some ascpets of the mural were converted into clothing, shoes, handbags and packaging. As well as an shot animation based of the mural and apparel/accessories he developed the year before for the show.

In 2008 he retired from commercial projects so he could focus on painting. 2015 in was commissioned to create a large-scale painting for the Annual POW! WOW! Hawaii Art Event. That same year Apple chose him to help launch the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
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