Characters 40 years of age and older by gender within media platform

Characters 40+ years of age Film Broadcast Cable Streaming Total
% of males 78.6 73.1 70.6 66.9 74.3
% of females 21.4 26.9 29.4 33.1 25.7

    This data is from USC Annenberg’s 2016 comprehensive report on diversity in entertainment.

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  • Click the link above to see the report online for more data and information regarding the lack of representation of women and people of color in media.

    But don’t get too discouraged by the statistics: there are resources for women and minorities (and especially media producers!) who hope to see more people like themselves on screen. Even if you’re not an actor or someone who works in the film/television industry, following, volunteering and supporting these organizations will put us one step closer to producing the change that we one day hope to see.

    • The Geena Davis Institute: While the Geena Davis Institute is aimed at girls 11-years-old and younger, children’s perceptions of the world are partially formed by what, and who, they see on TV—and one day, they’ll be the ones in charge of the media. The Institute works to improve gender balance, reduce stereotypes and create a more diverse body of female characters in entertainment.
    • Women and Minorities in Media (WAMM):This organization is local to Towson University outside of Baltimore, MD, and hosts a film screening festival annually that celebrates films that star women and minorities and that deal with topics of diversity and inclusivity.
    • Women in Film (WIF): WIF is a non-profit that works with actors and women who work behind-the-scenes, supporting their projects by providing scholarships, grants and film funds, in addition to actively preserving the legacies of inspiring women that have worked in the entertainment industry.