Hi! My name is

Kassie Hanks

Towson University

Digital Art and Design

My name is Kassandra Hanks, but you can call me Kassie. I am currently a Sophomore studying Digital Design at Towson. I chose this major because I am such an artsy creative person. I am someone who is definitely open to learning new things! I wanted to be a graphic design major, but do not know exactly what I want to do, so decided to keep it more broad. This class is required for my Area of Focus. I definitely was looking forward to making designs for websites this semester, but did not know it would be strictly coding. I am looking forward to anything else we have to learn this semester! Outside of my love for design, I am very involved outside of class. I am the Event Lead for Relay for Life at TU. That will be taking up a lot of my time this semester, as the event is in April! I also take care of my little puppy Ava, and help being a caregiver for my sick stepfather. I work at TU as well in the Admissions office. Pretty busy girl. I was born in Portsmouth, VA, but raised in Southern MD!


These are just two examples of post cards that I designed in my third semester at Towson!

An artist that I love is Lauren Hom. She is awesome at hand lettering, and her designs are very inspirational to me.

A blog I like to visit every once in a while is Behance!

My Project A idea

Project A
Project B
Project C