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Welcome Ladies!

To all my lovely women (and men), that want to look pretty but just cant find enough time in the day or maybe don't want to spend a whole lot on makeup. Especially when you are already running late to your 9 a.m class or cutting it close for work. Now that you have rushed and you get to your destination you realize that your outfit and hair are completely off. Nothing matches whatsoever. Well I am here to help you. Just call me Kalia Your Etiquette Coach.

Maybe you need some guidance and quick fixes for your specific skin tone, body type, and hair. Don't you wish they taught us these things in school rather than boring statistics. I have some secrets for you! You do not have to buy that 50 dollar mascara because all the girls on the magazine said so. There are equivalents for almost every makeup item that you can find for cheap prices in beauty stores near you. No worries with my help your crazy, mix-match, "I just jumped out of bed" days will be no more!