My name is Kadiatou Drame and i usually like to be called kadiatou. I am a transfer student, currently studying graphic design at Towson University. Why I chose to study graphic design? Good question; before 2019 I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue my studies in that field. The thing is I just wanted to learn something different, be as more creative as I can and just learn as many skills as possible and then decide. And in only one year I learned a lot and even more than I expected. Nowadays, their is always a need to create visuals that will attract and win over this tough crowd. and It will be my job as a designer to help win hearts and minds through creativity. How exciting is that!I am also an advanturous soul and I know that graphic designers are needed all over the world. Understanding how to translate a sentiment into words, and digital content is challenging and being able to touched people and just communicate emotions with designs is amazing.


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