Graphic Artist & Illustrator

Hi, my name is Hollis Glick. I am currently a student at Towson University studying graphic design. I enjoy creating digital artwork taylored to every one of my clients. I am a trditional artist in a graphic artist’s world trying to convert myself into a graphic artist. I grew up using graphite and drawing on any surface I could get my hands on. I slowly moved to oil paints where i learned to apply my attention to detail onto a canvas.
Once I got to college I decided to expand my horizons and grow my skills so I bought a Wacom tablety and played around on the Adobe Cloud. Now I can say I am comfortable with my skills on the computer and it’s where I spend most of my time. I hope to become big some day so that my artwork can reach people’s eyes all over the globe and hopefully change someone’s life by inspiring them to pursure art, just as I did.

My idea...