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changing the world, one garment at a time

Fashion is constantly changing. It almost seems that as soon as something becomes a trend, a new trend swoops in to take its place. Frustrating, right? Especially if you're a college student with limited disposable income. You end up stuck with an item you're no longer interested in, and the money you spent on it could have gone towards a meal, laundry, groceries--the list goes on! Or perhaps you have a favorite item of clothing that you decide you'll wear long after it goes out of style. You love this item--so much that it ends up worn out, irreversibly stained or ripped. Or maybe you're halfway through pulling on your favorite pair of jeans when you discover they no longer fit (bummer!) Luckily, many of your favorite clothing brands have taken part in an initiative to recycle the clothing that you no longer want!

"Why recycle clothing?" you might ask. Because when unwanted clothing is viewed as waste, it gets thrown in the trash. Trash goes into landfills, which as notes, are not infinite. What piles up in landfills should be reduced because once they are all filled up, trash has nowhere to go. Trash that sits in landfills causes pollution over time. Consider it like this: would you rather your unwanted clothing become something that contaminates the air we breathe, or would you rather it end up in the hands of manufacturers who could benefit from its raw materials? Here you can learn more about the places that take your clothing so that it can be turned into someone else's.

There are also several places in Maryland that accept gently used clothing as donations or in exchange for cash. Donating unwanted, gently used clothing, whether to goodwill or a consignment shop, helps someone who may not be able to afford buying the clothing they need at retail prices. The outfit you donate could help someone do something important, like ace that job interview they have coming up! Here you can check out some local places that will buy used clothing or accept donations.