Gabrielle Correale

New York

Digital and Illustration Artist

About Me

My name is Gabrielle Correale I am 19 years old and I go by the nickname Gaby! I am from Long Island, New York. I am studying Graphic Design and will be screening this upcoming spring. I am very passionate about art and have loved drawing, painting and anything that is art related for as long as I can remember. My father is a creative director for a company in NYC and I have been going to work with him and have looked up to him since a very a young age. His artwork and career has had a big impact on me my entire life and has helped me realize why I want to focus on a career in the creative world. I am taking this class because it is required for my major, although I previously had taken a web design class in highschool. I have some experience with coding and was excited when I found out I would be taking a similar but more advanced and in depth course. I am also in a sorority on campus which I hold the position of head of the art committee. This involves designing items that are needed throughout the year and painting banners and wooden letters monthly. Throughout the summer I work part time at a day camp and am very passionate about working with kids.

My style of art ranges from drawing,painting, and digital work. I love working with all types of mediums and I pay close attention to every detail in my work. My favorite medium to use when drawing is pastel. It allows me to use vibrant colors and blend everything easily. This past summer I decided to pick up a new hobby and taught myself how to do graffiti art. I am always excited to try new things and teach myself how to use new digital programs.

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