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Imogen Cunningham was born in Portland, Oregon, on April 12, 1883. She studied at the University of Washington in Seattle where she was introduced to Photography. She continued her passion and studied at Technische Hochschule in Dresden, Germany. Soon after finishing in 1910, Cunningham opened up a portrait studio back in Seattle where she quickly built up a reputation. She started out doing commercial portraiture and allegorical prints, but once she moved to San Francisco she developed an affinity for close-up and sharply detailed plant life. In 1932 she joined the West Coast based club, Group f.64. Like her friends of this group, she took sharp photos and rejected soft-focused ideals. She worked on the West Coast for all her life, working at Vanity Fair and teaching at a few different Art schools. Her last photos were published in 1977, After Ninety, and she died on June 24, 1976, San Francisco, California. Imogen Cunningham is best known for her artistic portraiture and sharp images of plant life and other natural subjects.

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