Genevieve Brown


Based in Maryland

I am a young photographer from Maryland who specializes in portraiture and wedding photography. I started as a wedding photographer's assistant, changing lenses and carrying equipment, when I was 16. I soon became their apprentice and second shooter under their guidance. After two years of second shooting, I decided to major in photography and expand my artistic horizons. I still do portraiture and hope to have a business in wedding photography that will support me enough that I can do my art on the side and for myself.

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Here is some of my Personal Work

Here are some other Photographers I admire

Dorothea Lange

A documentary photographer, most known for her work during the Great Depression

William Eggleston

A street photographer, most known for his capture of colors and his unique printing process that brings out the colors even more than other printing

Sally Mann

A documentary photographer, most known for her piece Immediate Family which documented her children's life on their farm in Virginia

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