Registration and all Regular Sessions are in Malloy Hall, 3815 Mt. Vernon Street, entrance on Campus Mall.

Carrington Van Service Schedule:
Thursday, October 3
Leaves Warwick Hotel for Reception at 7:15 and 7:45 pm

Returns to Warwick from Reception at 8:45 pm
Friday, October 4
Leaves Warwick for Sessions at 8:00 and 8:30 am
Returns to Warwick after Reception at 7:30 and 8 pm
Saturday, October 5
Leaves Warwick for Sessions at 8:15 and 8:45 am
Returns to Warwick after Sessions at 5:45 and 6:15 pm
Leaves Warwick for Concert at 8:15 pm
Returns to Warwick After Concert at 10:15 pm

Thursday, October 3


De La Salle House, 4010 Graustark

Hosted by Dr. Janice Gordon-Kelter

Friday, October 4


Session 1: Women Mystics (Malloy 113)

Chair: Mary Catherine Sommers, U. of St. Thomas

"Hildegard von Bingen: A Drama All Her Own"
Celeste Pottier, East Carolina U.

"Spiritual Imagery Found within the Writings of Catherine of Siena"
Sr. Madeliene Grace, U. of St. Thomas

"The Implicit New Paradigm in Teresa of Avila"
Brooke Williams Deely, U. of St. Thomas

Session 2:
The "Medieval" Shakespeare (Malloy 014)

Chair: Don Kagay, Albany State U.

"Exploring the Boundaries of Medi[Evil]: Richard III as the New Moral Agent"
James A. Moore, Angelo State U.

"Imitation, Theatricality, and Dialogue: Shakespeare's Richard II and Marlowe's Edward II"
Robert W. Haynes, Texas A&M International U.


Session 3: Ethical Practices in the Middle Ages (Malloy 113)

Chair: Bruce Brasington, West Texas A&M U.

"The Many Aspects of the Legal Inquisition in the Medieval Crown of Aragon"
Don Kagay, Albany State U.

"Bureaucratic Ethics and Identity in the Reign of Henry VI"
Janice Gordon-Kelter, U. of St. Thomas

"The Aristocratic Widows of the Rotuli de Dominabus as Mothers"
Amy Brown Amelio, Independent Scholar

Session 4: Humor and Irony (Malloy 024)

Chair: Edward Baenziger, CSB, U. of St. Thomas

"I-am-Smiling: Humor from the Anglo-Latin Perspective"
David W. Porter, Southern U.

"The Inadequacy of Language in the Search for Truth in Piers Plowman"
Teresa Morris, San Antonio College

"Sir Gawain and the Three-Headed Giant: Chaucer's and the Gawain-Poet's Analogous Romances"
Anne Thornton, U. of Texas, San Antonio

"Wink, Wink-Nudge, Nudge: Gender Play in Chaucer's Legend of Good Women"
Vicki L. Kirk, Our Lady of the Lake U.

Session 5:
The Norman Mindset (Malloy 014)

Chair: Sally Vaughn, U. of Houston

"Foresters, Hunters, and Hawkers: Agents of Anglo-Norman Resource Management"
Dolly Wilson, U. of Houston

"The Mosaics of Monreale: Evidence of the Norman Mindset Regarding the Use of Human and Technological Resources"
Kevin Stone, U. of Houston

"Piety or Pragmatism: Norman and Anglo-Norman Women Killers"
Amy O'Neal, U. of Houston


Session 6: The Military Arts in Literature (Malloy 012)

Chair: James Barloon, U. of St. Thomas

"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as Heraldic Narrative"
Clinton Brand, U. of St. Thomas

"Mimming and Mimesis: The Sword that is There and Not There in Old English Waldere"
Jonathan Himes, Texas A&M U.

Session 7: The Verbal Chaucer (Malloy 014)

Chair: Kerry MacArthur, U. of St. Thomas

"Things Happening Twice: Repetition of Episodes in the Canterbury Tales"
Edwin Duncan, Towson U.

"The Post-Postmodern Chaucer: Confessional Rhetoric and Transformation in the Last Tales"
Gregory Roper, U. of Dallas

"The Wordes Moote be Cosyn to the Dede: Development of Ethos in the Canterbury Tales"
Kimberly Saxon, U. of Texas, San Antonio

Session 8:
Curious Figures (Malloy 016)

Chair: Elspeth Whitney, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas

"What Made Ivo Mad? Reflections on a Medieval Bishop's Anger"
Bruce Brasington, West Texas A&M U.

"Chancellor of the University of Paris: Saint Jean Charlier Gerson (1363-1429): Did You Say Saint?"
Edward Baenziger, CSB, U. of St. Thomas

"The Passion of a Discontented Earl: Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, and R. Doleman's A Conference About the Next Succession to the Crown of England"
Kevin Lindberg, Texas A&M International U.


Session 9: Aquinas Symposium (Malloy 012)

Chair: John Deely, U. of St. Thomas

"The Relationship between the Old (Mosaic) Law and the Natural Law in Thomas Aquinas"
Randall Smith, U. of St. Thomas

"Cicero and Aquinas on the Precepts of the Natural Law"
Rollen Edward Houser, U. of St. Thomas

"Defense and Discovery: Thomas Aquinas and the 'Novelty' of the Dominican Order"
Mary Catherine Sommers, U. of St. Thomas

Session 10:
Spanish Literature in the Middle Ages (Malloy 014)

Chair: Clinton Brand, U. of St. Thomas

"Feminist Protest Literature of the Spanish Middle Ages"
Debra D. Andrist, U. of St. Thomas

Berceo's Introduction to Los Milagros de Nuestra Señora"
Paul Larson, Baylor U.

"The Thin Line between Anger and Lust: Frustrated Emotion in Pedro de Escavia's Llegando cansado yo"
Abraham Quintanar, Dickinson College

Session 11: The Moral Chaucer (Malloy 016)

Chair: Edwin Duncan, Towson U.

"Knowing when Enough is Enough: Sufficiency and Satisfaction in the Canterbury Tales"
Mark Allen, U. of Texas, San Antonio

"Creating Moral Fables: The 'Moralitee' of Chaucer's Nun's Priest Tale and the Roman de renart Tradition"
R.L. Smith, U. of Texas, San Antonio

"Oaths, Troths, and Lies: Chaucer's Hypocritical Pardoner and the Blasphemy of Swearing in 'The Pardoner's Tale'"
Alexis Lutich, U. of Texas San Antonio


Plenary Session
Cullen Hall, 4001 Mt. Vernon St.

"'We're Bound for the Rio Grande': The Closing of the Medieval Frontier"

James Muldoon
John Carter Brown Library and Emeritus, Rutgers U.

Welcome by Father J. Michael Miller, CSB, President, U. of St. Thomas and Introduction by Cary Nederman, Texas A&M U.


Reception with Medieval Music
Little Archaeology Gallery, 3907 Yoakum

Istanpitta-Early Music Ensemble


U. of St. Thomas Department of Drama
presents the
World Premiere

Sam Havens

Jones Theatre on the Mall

Special Tickets of $5.00 for TEMA. For reservations call 713 525-3520 and say you are attending TEMA.

Saturday, October 5


Session 12: Anglo-Saxon Literature I: Identity, Function, and Legacy (Malloy 021)

Chair: Susan Signe Morrison, Southwest Texas State U.

"Elene, Judas and a Burgeoning English Nationalism,"
Clare Blackstone, Southwest Texas State U.

"The Functions of Beowulf and traditional Oral Literature in Aelfric's Sermon on the Sacrifice on Easter Sunday: Catholic Homily, II, 15"
Trey Jansen, Southwest Texas State U.

"Anglo-Saxon Auden's Paid on Both Sides"
Joanna Beck, Southwest Texas State U.

Session 13:
Medieval and Contemporary Literature (Malloy 014)

Chair: Randall Smith, U. of St. Thomas

"Soaring with the Eagles"
Emma B. Hawkins, Lamar U.

"'Dear Christian Men and Wymmen' A Medieval Perspective on the Modern Gender Inclusive Language Debate"
Beth Allison Barr, U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Coming Back to Haunt Us: The Medieval Origins of the Victorian Ghost Story"
Leah Larson, Our Lady of the Lake U.

"Beyond Br. Cadfael and The Name of the Rose: Modern Historical Novels of the Middle Ages"
Mark Spencer, Southeastern Oklahoma State U.

Session 14: Anglo-Norman History (Malloy 016)

Chair: Jeffrey Hamilton, Baylor U.

"Fiscal Administration and Economic Principles in later 12th Century England"
Cary J. Nederman, Texas A&M U.

"Bishops, Abbots, Priors, and the Royal Courts: The Struggle for Clerical Property Rights in early 13th Century England"
James R. King, Midwestern State U.

"Anglo-Norman Hospital Foundations: Piety and Patronage"
Joanie South-Shelley, U. of Houston


"Medieval Martial Arts: Literature & Studies"
Malloy 017

John Clements, ARMA

Slide show/Lecture and Hands-on Presentation of Medieval Fighting Manuals, replica arms and armor, and interpreted fighting skills.


Session 15: Conceptualizing (in) the Middle Ages (Malloy 021)

Chair: Rollen Edward Houser, U. of St. Thomas

"Peter Lombard-Anti-Scholastic founder of Scholastic Theology?"
Philipp Rosemann, U. of Dallas

"How Would Thomas Aquinas Answer Descartes?"
Anthony Crifasi, U. of St. Thomas

"What is the Middle in Middle Ages?"
John Deely, U. of St. Thomas

Session 16
: Anglo-Saxon Literature II: Gender in Anglo-Saxon Texts (Malloy 014)

Chair: Susan Signe Morrison, Southwest Texas State Univ.

"Uncontrolled and Dangerous Forces: Female Subjectivity and Women's Reproductive Power in Anglo-Saxon Medical Texts"
Heather Helm, Southwest Texas State U.

"The Construct of Violence: Examining Aggression as a Literary Device in Female Saints and Judith"
Alison Cimino, Southwest Texas State U.

"Women as Weavers, Women as Singers"
Michelle Detorie, Southwest Texas State U.

Session 17:
Buildings and Books in the Middle Ages (Malloy 016)

Chair: Judith Steinhoff, U. of Houston

"Martyrdom and Memorial: Defending Images and Elite Status in Eighth-Century Rome"
Gregor A. Kalas, Texas A&M U.

"Reconstruction of the Romanesque Rebuilding of the Provencal Baptistery of Riez"
Nora Laos, U. of Houston

"Monsters, Females and She-Males in the Illumination of the Milemete Treatise and in the British Library's Secretum Secretorum
Libby Karlinger, Independent Scholar


Saturday Luncheon: A Texas Barbecue
Scanlan Hall, Jerabeck Center, 4000 Mt. Vernon St.
($15.00 per person)

Annual Business Meeting

followed by the

Presidential Address

"The Bible As A Source for the History of Science"

Irving Kelter, U. of St. Thomas


Session 18: Gender Motifs in Medieval and Early Modern Texts (Malloy 014)

Chair: Debra Andrist, U. of St. Thomas

"Magic, Women, and Weaving: The Magic Cloth in Emare and some other Middle English Romances"
Yvette Kisor, U. of California, Davis

"The Old Woman"
Gretchen Mieszkowski, U. of Houston, Clear Lake

"Phlegmatic Women and Menstruating Men: Temperament, the Demonic, and the Fluidity of Gender in 16th Century Medical Discourse"
Elspeth Whitney, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas

Session 19: Authority in the Middle Ages (Malloy 016)

Chair: Judith Steinhoff, U. of Houston

"Auctoritas and the Gospels of St. Augustine of Canterbury"
John McQuillen, Southern Methodist U

"The Self-Image of an Imperial Bureaucrat in the Leo Bible"
Vessela Valiavitcharska, U. of Texas, Austin

"Persecution of Heretics before A.D. 1000"
Samuel Bono, Louisiana State U.

Session 20: Anglo-Saxon Kingship (Malloy 021)

Chair: Sally Vaughn, U. of Houston

"Heroes and Saints: Holy Kingship in the Age of Bede"
Kent G. Hare, Northwestern State U. of Louisiana

"Athelstan and Arthur: Rightwys Kynges Borne of All Englond"
Lori Lehtola, U. of Houston

"Edgar the Peaceable and the Coronation of 960[?]"
Rogan Ellen Brunet, U. of Houston

"Historical Landscape(s) of the 'Arthurian' Moment?"
Jeremy Adams, Southern Methodist U.


Film and Medieval Civilization

A Special Showing of Icelandic Filmmaker Hrafn Gunnlaugsson's

"I Skugga Hrafnsins" ("In the Shadow of the Raven")
Malloy 017

Followed by Jane Chance and Jessica Weinstein, Rice U., "National Identity and Conversion through Medieval Romance: The Case of Hrafn Gunnlaugsson's In the Shadow of the Raven"


Session 21: The Anglo-Norman World During the Reign of Henry III (Malloy 014)

Chair: Janice Gordon-Kelter, U. of St. Thomas

"The Kingship of Henry III Reconsidered"
Jeffrey Hamilton, Baylor U.

"Rebel vs. Royalist Bishops: the Clerical Leadership of England during the Barons' War (1263-1267)"
James R. King, Midwestern State U.

"Manly Men, Feminine Priests: Masculinity and the Norman Clergy, 1248-1269"
Jennifer Thibodeaux, U. of Kansas, Lawrence

Session 22: Medieval Frontiers and Warfare (Malloy 021)

Chair: Joseph McFadden, U. of St. Thomas

"The Rise of the Polish State: the Early Piast Dynasty"
Bradford A. Wineman, Texas A&M U.

"Casimir the Great and Polish Horse-Warrior Culture"
John Paul Bardunias, Florida International U.

"The Perfidy of Peluse: Treachery and Revenge in 13th Century Lithuania"
Daniel B. Wells, U. of Houston

"Historiography as Process in the Study of Western Martial Arts"
Ruel A. Macaraeg, U. of Texas, Arlington

Session 23:
Shakespearean Madness and Machinations (Malloy 016)

Chair: Nicki Berry Cone, Texas A&M International U.

"I, Henry IV and Deception: Scene by Scene"
Jose Silva, Texas A&M International U.

"Crafty-Sick Hamlet and the Scope of Sanity"
Elvira Mante, Texas A&M International U.

"Macbeth and 9-11"
Shryll Averitt, Texas A&M International U.


Concert of Medieval Music in the Chapel of St. Basil

3802 Yoakum

Tom Crow, Music Director