September 25, 26, and 27


Registration and all Regular Sessions are on the 5th floor of  Cashion Academic Center, on the corner of 5th and Speight at the heart of the Baylor Campus.

Carrington Van Service Schedule:
Friday, September 26
Leaves Hilton for Sessions at 8:00 and 8:30 am
Returns to Hilton after Reception at 7:30 and 8 pm
Saturday, September 27
Leaves Hilton for Sessions at 8:15 and 8:45 am
Returns to Hilton after Sessions at 5:45 and 6:15 pm
Leaves Hilton for Concert at 8:15 pm
Returns to Hilton After Concert at 10:15 pm

Thursday, September 25


 at the Hilton

Hosted by Dr. Paul E. Larson

Registration materials will be available at this time

Friday, September 26

8:00-10:30 Coffee Service


Session 1 (Cashion 510): English History I (Kagay)


Jeffrey Hamilton

Baylor University

The Reliability of the Household Knights of Edward II


Diane Martin

Houston Baptist University

Crown Strategies for Reducing Papal Interference in the Reign of Richard II


Dolores Wilson,

University of Houston

The Intertwined Nature of Politics and the Environment in Magna Carta

Session 2(Cashion 500):  Medieval Literary Space (Larson)


M. Sean Wilson

Middle Tennessee State University

Anglo-Saxon Aqua Vitae: the Supernatural Connection between Beowulf and the Sea


Mark Spencer

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

A Medievaling We Will Go: Time-Travel Narratives to the Middle Ages


Judith Hurst

Defense Language Institute

Why Reinvent the Wheel: Using the Medieval Concept of Fortuna to Enhance Our Life Today and Ensure Success


Session 3 (Cashion 501):  Medieval Philosophy I:  Augustine (Munro)


Peter Candler

Baylor University

Augustine and Borrowed Speech


Sr. Madeleine Grace, CVI

University of St. Thomas

The Concept of Happiness as seen by Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas



Session 4(Cashion 510): Chaucer ()


Karen D. Robinson

Texas A&M University

The House of Fame's Cliffhanger Ending: Chaucer's Intention?


Rebecca Munro

Baylor University

Chaucer and the Pleasure of the Text


Gretchen M. Cohenour

Texas Tech University Department of English

Chaucer's Pardoner: A Neutered Spirit

Session 5 (Cashion 500):
English History II (Hamilton)


Christopher Hill

The University of Texas at Austin

In Their Own Interest:  English State Formation in the Middle Ages


Katie Keene

Southern Methodist University

What’s in a Name?: The Case of Margaret of Scotland.


John McQuillen

Southern Methodist University

Imaging the Cult of Thomas of Lancaster

Session 6 (Cashion 501): History (Brasington)


Donald J. Kagay

Albany State University

“A Construction Crisis: Aragonese Fortress Repair in the War of the Two Pedros”


Daniel B. Wells

University of Houston

Advice and Consent in Medieval Lithuania: the Treaties of Grand Prince Algirdas (1345-1377)


E. Kay Harris

University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast

The Garden of Eden and the Wars of the Roses



Session 7 (Cashion 510): Gender in Medieval Studies (McGlashan)


Julie Nelson Couch

Texas Tech University

Those Crazy Kids: The Mis-gendering of Youth in King Horn


Marcia Beene

Middle Tennessee State University

Death by Dress: The Real Reason Why Joan of Arc Was Executed


Elizabeth Haluska-Rausch

Southern Methodist University

Women in the c.1150 and 1201 Rolls of the Seigneury of Montpellier


Session 8 (Cashion 501): Christianity and Culture I (Pitts)


D. Thomas Hanks

Baylor University

The Society for the Study of Christianity and Culture


Bruce Brasington (projector and screen)

West Texas A & M

Is it on the Test? Teaching Christianity and the Humanities in a Secular Environment


William Smith

Weatherford College

Sins of the Body: the lorica in Old English prayer


Session 9 (Cashion 500):  Medieval Lit (Larson)


Jeannette Marshall Denton

Baylor University

Expressing Inner States and Ancestral Potential: Symbolism of the Hands in Early Germanic Poetry


Sarah-Jane Murray

Baylor University

Medieval Scribes and Modern Scholars:  Baylor University joins the Digital "Charrette Project"


Lisa Nicholas

University of Dallas

Remembering God: The Pattern of Augustine's Confessions in Chrétien's  The Story of the Grail



Session 10 (Cashion 510): . Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Denton)


Jacqueline Leslie

Lamar University

A Storm of Opposition: The Role of Women in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


Anne Thornton

San Antonio College

Gilding the Pill: A Renaissance Reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


Linda Winterbottom

University of Texas, San Antonio

“The Court’s Cheer and Gawain’s Shame: How a Green Baldric Transformed Emulates Christ’s Love”


Session 11 (Cashion 501): Spanish I (Larson)


Benjamin T. Smith

Minnesota State University Moorhead

What Prosification Can Tell Us About The "Intelligent Scribe":  The Cantar de Mio Cid in the Crónica de Veinte Reyes

(over head projector)


Abraham Quitanar

Dickinson College

By Hook or By Crook: Escaping Menga’s Wrath in the Marques de Santillana’s 'Por todos estos pinares’


Mike McGlynn

University of Oregon

Rehabilitating the Traitor Conde Julián


Session 12 (Cashion 500): Medieval Lit (Hanks)


Terri Vaughn Gore

University of Texas Arlington

The Medieval Reader and the Inherent Spatiality of Sacred Texts


Chris Gardner

Southwest Texas State University

Translating Criseida 


Ana Krahmer

Texas Tech University

Chaucer and His Parson: Multiplicity of Character

Cashion 510:  5:15-5:30 Official Welcome to Baylor: 

Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey, Provost, Baylor University


Plenary Session

Introduction of speaker by Thomas Hanks


Bonnie Wheeler

Southern Methodist University

Slander in Malory

Saturday, September 27

8:30 Coffee service


Session 13 (Cashion 501): Spanish II (Quintanar)


Paul E. Larson

Baylor University

Berceo and “El novio y la virgin”


Vicente Lledo-Guillem

University of California, Berkeley

Ausias March: A Catalan model for a Hispanic translatio studii

Session 14 (Cashion 500): Medieval History (Kagay)


Bruce Brasington

West Texas A & M

High Plains Scriptorium: Using the WTAMU Cornette Library in the Teaching of Medieval Education and Scribal Culture.


Robert Welsh

Texas A&M International University

Teaching Shakespeare and Other Renaissance Writers in First-Year Writing Courses


Ruel A. Macaraeg

University of Texas at Arlington

“Ritual Weapons in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe: A Survey of Artistic and Textual Sources”

Session 15 (Cashion 510):
Religion II (Kelter)


Claire Sahlin

Texas Women's University

Contemplatrix and Revelatrix of Divine Mysteries:  The Image of Birgitta of Sweden in Matthew of Cracow’s Papal Address


Elizabeth Walunas

University of Houston

Magic and Miracle: Changing Perceptions and Portrayals of Healing Relics


Beth Allison Barr

Baylor University

A Picture is a Thousand Words:  Medieval English Church Carvings and the Pastoral Care of Women



Session 16 (Cashion 500): Pilgrimage Literature I (Baenziger)


Chad Heltzel

Southwest Texas University

Vernacular as Postcolonial Discourse in William Langland’s Piers Plowman 


Nahal Suzanne Jamir

Southwest Texas University

“Raphèl ma* amèch zabì almì”: Inter- and Intralinguistic (Mis)Connections in The Divine Comedy 


Alison Cimino

Southwest Texas University

Mysticism in Pilgrimage:  A Means Towards Affective Piety in The Divine Comedy and The Book of Margery Kempe 

Session 17 (Cashion 501): Tolkien at TEMA (Kisacky)


E. B. Hawkins

Lamar University

The Eagle Flights in Chaucer's House of Fame and Tolkien's The Hobbit


David Thomson

Waco Independent School District

An End Worthy of Song: the Elegiac Sense in Tolkien’s Major Fictions

Session 18 (Cashion 510): Medieval Literature (Murray)


Karina Marie Ash

University of Notre Dame

A Reconsideration of Wolfram's Vrou Uote: Heroic Parody or Mournful Piety?


Brent Lynn

Texas Tech University

Wrestling the Dragon: Spenser's "Saint Britomart" in Book V of The Faerie Queene.


R. L. Smith

University of Texas San Antonio

Totus Tuus:  Robin Hood’s Marian Devotion in the Medieval Ballads

12:30-2:00 Cashion 510:

Saturday Luncheon: Tex-Mex Buffet

Brief remarks from the president:  Dueling Signs:  The Roman and the Greek from the Libro de buen amor

Introduction by Jeffrey Hamilton

Plenary Session: Jeremy duQ. Adams

Southern Methodist University

Discovering Rodrigo Diaz: A Teacher's Quest



Session 19 (Cashion 500): Pilgrimage Literature II (Gordon-Kelter)


Carrie Price

Southwest Texas University

Recreation and Ritual:  Little Women, Cowgirls, and Carnival in Juan Ruiz’s Book of Good Love


Michelle Detorie

Southwest Texas University

Women and "The Confessional Mode in Medieval Pilgrimage Literature" A consideration of Margery Kempe and Chaucer's Wife of Bath


Moriah McCracken

Southwest Texas University

The Wife of Bath and Molly Bloom

Session 20 (Cashion 510):
Medieval Literature (Gwynn)


Elline Lipkin

University of Houston

Inhabiting the Page: The Page as a Space for the Provençal Trobairitz


Nancy J. Brown

Lourdes College

“Judith: A Hero Cheated Out of Fame.”

Philipp W. Rosemann
University of Dallas

The Structure of Medieval Commentary Traditions: The Case of Peter Lombard’s Sentences



Session 21 (Cashion 501): Medieval Philosophy II (Candler)


Cary J. Nederman

Texas A&M University

Ecclesiology and Political Philosophy in Nicole Oresme’s Le Livre de Politiques d’Aristote


David Arias

University of St. Thomas

St. Thomas Aquinas on the Nature of Nature


Joseph P. Hattrup

University of St. Thomas

The First Act of the Intellect: A Response to Cartesian Epistemology



Session 22 (Cashion 510): Medieval Lit (Kisacky


Price McMurray

Texas Wesleyan University

The Circuit of the Impious: Inferno XVI and the Limits of Rhetoric


Robert Haynes

Texas A&M International University

‘Of government the properties to unfold’: One Thing after Another in Measure for Measure


Stephen Stallcup

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Some Medieval English Charms to Know a Thief:  Identification through Dreams

Session 23 (Cashion 500):
Religion III (Hanks)


Julie Chappell

Tarleton State University

"Comownycacyon & good wordys":  Margery Kempe and the Rhetoric of the Medieval Sermon


Greg Maillet

Campion College, University of Regina

"To Make Men Glorious": Pericles and the Medieval Theology of Glory


Kent G. Hare

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Heroes, Saints, and Martyrs:  Christological Kingship in Tenth-Century England


Session 24 (Cashion 501): Medieval Literature (Gwynn)


Linda Crippen

Our Lady of the Lake University

Sex and the Fabliaux: Circumventing the Penitentials in the Middle Ages


Leah Larson

Our Lady of the Lake University

Strange Bedfellows: Revisiting John Fowles Rendition of Marie de France


Carol Christopher

Our Lady of the Lake University

King Arthur and the Knight of the American Forest