The following are one-line commands that allow you to communicate with the Chaucernet listserver (which is a program, not a person) so that you can set the options you want your account to have with the network. Remember to send your commands to the Chaucernet listserver address (i.e., to the regular mailing address (


sub chaucer your name         Subscribes you to Chaucernet.  
(e.g. sub chaucer joe blow)    

signoff chaucer               Unsubscribes you from Chaucernet. 

set chaucer ack               Listserver will notify you that it
                              has broadcast a message you sent to
                              the list.

set chaucer noack             Listserver will broadcast the     
                              message without notifying you. 

set chaucer rep               Listserver will send you a copy of
                              any message you send to the list.

set chaucer norep             Listserver will cease sending you
                              copies of messages you send the list.    

set chaucer conceal           Hides your name from review, i.e.,
                              makes you an "unlisted" subscriber. 

set chaucer noconceal         Unhides your name.

set chaucer nomail            Stops all Chaucernet mail from coming 
                              to your account until further notice. 
set chaucer mail              Resets all Chaucernet mail to come to
                                   your account. 

ind chaucer                   Sends you a directory of Chaucernet's  
                                   available archive files.

help chaucer                  Sends you a list of commands.

review chaucer                Sends you a list of subscribers to

For other listserver commands send to this message:get listserv refcard