(The one hundred most common words are marked with an asterisk)

 adoun:  down                               deye: die
 agast(e): afraid; frighten                 dorste: dare, dared
 agayn(s): against, toward                  dout: doubt
 ago, ago(o)n: gone; ago                    dout, out of: beyond doubt
 al: all                                    drede: doubt; dread, fear
*al, al be that: although           
 alderbest: best of all                    *ech: each
*als, also: as, also                       *echo(o)n: each one
 an: an; on                                *eek, eke: also
*anon: at once                              elles, ellis: else
*artow: art thou, thou art                  entente: intent, attention
 arwe: arrow                               *er, or: before; formerly
*as: as, as if, like                        ese: pleasure
*atte: at, at the                          *everich: every; every one
*aventure: chance
*axe: ask                                  *fay, fey: faith
*ay: always                                 fere, feere: companion
                                            fele, feele: many      
*been: are                                  ferre: farther
 benedicite: bless us!                      fil: fell, happened
*bet: better                                flour: flower; flour
*beth: are; (imperative) be                 for: for; because
 bitwixen: between                         *forthy: therefore
 blake: black                               foryeve: forgive
 blyve: quickly, soon                       free: generous, gracious
*brenne: burn                                    liberal
 breste, brast: burst                      *fro: from
 bresting: bursting
*but, but if: unless                        game: fun
                                           *gan, gonne: began
*can, kan: know, be able                    go(on): go
*canstow: can you, you can                  goost: soul, spirit
*cas: happening, chance                     gyse: guise, manner, way;
*certes: surely, certainly                       plan
 certeyn: certainly, sure(ly)
 chees, chese(n): choose, chose            *han: have
      chosen                               *hastow: have you, you have
 cheere, chiere: facial expression          heigh: high
*clepe(n): call                            *hem: them
*clerk: scholar                             hem lost (or liste): they
 conne: learn, can                                     wanted
 conseil: secret, advice                    hende: ready to hand,
 coude: could                                    convenient, handy;
*coy: quiet                                      pleasant, courteous,
 deel: bit                                  hente: take, seize, get
 delit: delight, pleasure                  *here: her
 deme: judge, suppose                       hewe: hue, color
 devyse: tell (of), describe               *hight: named, called

*him lest (list): he wants                 *nere: were not
*hir(e): her, their                         niste: did not know
                                            noght: nought, nothing; not
*ich: I                                    *nolde: would not
*ilke: same                                *nones, nonys: occasion
                                           *noon: none, no
*kan: know; know how to; can               *noot: know not
 keep(e), kepe: heed                       *nyce: foolish
*konne: learn; know how to; can            *nys: is not
 konnyng: skill, knowledge                  nyste: knew not
*koude: knew; knew how to; could
*kynde: nature                             *o, oo, on, oon, that oon: one
                                           *of: of; off
*lasse: less                                ones, onis: once
 lese: lose                                 outrely: utterly, entirely
 lest(e): please, pleases, 
      pleased (impersonal);                 pace: go, proceed
      hem (him) leste, liste;              *pardee: (lit. "by God"), a common
      they (he) wanted                           oath; certainly
 lete: leave, forsake, abandon              parfit: perfect
 lette: forbear, desist, hinder             pleyne: complain, lament; full
*le(e)ve: dear                              povre: poor
 liggen: to lie                            *prime, pryme: 9 A.M.
 like, liketh: it please(s)                 pryvely, prively: secretly
 list(e): it pleased, it pleases
*lite: little                               quit(te), quyte: requite, repay
 lith: lies                                *quod: said
 lust: pleasure, desire
 lusty: lusty; joyous;                     *rathe: early, soon
      pleasant; vigorous                   *rede: advise; interpret; read
                                            reed: counsel; (verb) advise
 maad: made                                 rekke(th): heed(s), care(s)
*maistow, maystow: may you, you may         right: (adverb): just, quite
*make: mate, husband, make                  routhe: pity
 maner(e): kind of, manner
 maugre: in spite of                        saugh, say, seigh: saw
 mede: reward                              *seistow: you say
 met(te): dream                             seith: says
*mo: more                                   seke: seek
 mooste: most; greatest                    *sely: innocent, simple
*moot(e) (n): may, must, ought to;          sentence: moaning, opinion,
      so (also, ever) moot I: as I               sentiments, subject matter
      hope to                              *seyde: said
*morewe: morrow, morning                   *seye: say
*mowe: may                                 *shaltow: you shall
*muche(l): much, many (a)                   shape, shoope (reflexive): plan,
*nam: am not                                shrewe: scoundrel, wretch
 namely: especially, specifically          *sikerly: certainly, sruely, truly
*namo, namoore: no more                    *sith: since; then
*nas: was not                               slawe, yslawe: slain
*nat: not                                   sola(a)s: pleasure, entertainment
*nathelees: nevertheless                   *somdel: somewhat
*ne: not, nor                               somtyme: once, sometimes

 so(o)re: bitterly, sorely                  woodnesse: madness
*sooth, soothfastnesse, sothe: truth        woot, woost: know, knows, knowest;
                                                 wostow: you know, do you know
 so(o)the, soothly: truly                   worthy: distinguished, well to do; in
 spedde him: hastened                            good social standing
 squier: squire                             wroghte: made, did, worked
 stente, stynte: cease, stop, restrain      wydwe: widow
 sperte: started
 steven: voice                             *yaf: gave
 suffre: permit, endure                    *ycleped: named
 sweven, e, -es, -ys: dream(s)              ydo: done
*swich: sauch                              *ye(n): eye(s)
 swynk, swynken: work                      *yeve, -en, -est, -eth: give, given
 syke: sick                                 yifte: gift
*syn: since                                *ynogh: enough
                                            ysene: seen
 task: taketh: take                         yvel(e): evil, evilly
*than(ne): then; than                      *ywis: surely, certainly
 thee(n): prosper; so moot I
 thee: as I hope to prosper
 ther, ther as: where
*thilke: this, that, at that
*tho: those; then
 thoght: thought; anxiety
 thoughte (impersonal): it seemed
 thurgh: through
 thynketh (impersonal): it seems
 til: until, to
 to: to, too
 trewe: true
 trowe: believe
*tweye: two

*unnethe(s): scarecely

*verray: true, veritable
 vileynye: rudeness, shameful
      speech or deed

 war: aware; be (beth) war(e),
      a ware yow: beware, take heed
 wende, -en, -eth: go, pass
*wene, -eth: think, thinks
 werre: war
 what: what; why
 wher: where; whether
 wher as: where
 which that: which, who
*whylom: once, once upon a time,
*wight: person, thing
 wist, wiste: known, knew
 wol: will
 wood: crazy, demented, wild 

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