Erik Johansson

Photographer & Digital Artist

Manipulation photography is one of my favorite forms of photo. When an artist can seamlessly make a lake look like broken glass it intrigues me. Erik Johansson is one of the best manipulation artists and the humor in his photos makes it all the better. He is a photographer and visual artist from Sweden, based in Prague, Czech Republic. His work can be described as a surreal world created by combining different photographs.

Erik works on both personal and commissioned projects with clients all around the world. In contrast to traditional photography he doesn't capture moments, he captures ideas. Light and perspective are crucial parts to the creation of his works and it makes a huge difference when done precisely. Erik consistently works with a high level of realism in his photos. He want's the viewer to feel like they are a part of the scene. What I admire about Erik the most is that he tries to capture most as musch as possible in his camera with little editting to be done. There are no computer generated-, illustrated- or stock photos in Erik's personal work, just complex combinations of his own photographs.