Photo of vineyard by Tim Corradino Used under Creative Commons license

How Far has the Gaming industry Come?

Gaming has evolved in a tremendous way over the past 35 years since the release of the first Nintendo Entertainment System(NES). it was the first time console gaming was perfected for consumers with the proper games people wanted. The gaming market was dead in America until the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Games went from 8-bit This was the start of the billion dollar success of console gaming. Gaming as once looked at as a childrens hobbie but has turned into something so much more over the past 30 years. Gaming started changing when you were able to connect to the internet which alowed yu to play games with people across the world. With the impact social media has played in our lives gaming is now a billion dollar industry. They're e-sports turnaments, streaming networks and so much more that has helped th gaming industry evolve into what it is today. Gaming will continue to grow each and every year and will always have an impact on our lives.