Photo of vineyard by Tim Corradino Used under Creative Commons license


If you are new to college life then you have realized that you are free to live your life exactly how you want. You don’t have to listen to your parents anymore about finding time to eat healthy, exercising regulary, you can binge watch netflix shows as long as you want, you can go out and hangout with friends whenever you want to, and you basically have no restrictions. Having this freedom can be a good and bad at the same time. The way you live your life in college can affect your health in the long run depending if you are taking care of your body the right or wrong way. Some of the outcomes of living like this include high cholesterol, diabetes, and tremendous weight gain that you will not want to live with. By the time you are done reading this webpage, you will gain tips and knowledge of healthy ways to live your life by working out, eating healthy, and through meditation exercises.